RACC work samples

The script for our introductory video (written by Kite and Aaron, 41 pages long) is here (will be broken up into many parts as it is very long): there has been more than a year of time put into this script to coherently and comprehensively introduce harmonic principles, microtonality, the kite guitar, and other relevant musical concepts!

Here is a short piece by Timmy Barnet on a Kite Guitar

Here are some of the guitars Athan Spathas has converted:

7 string Doff guitar converted (by Athan) 7 string guitar

Here is Richie Greene playing the above guitar

3 Electric guitars converted by Athan
Athan’s first ever conversion: A classical (nylon string) Harmony guitar

Here is Athan playing a short riff

Athan has been developing documentation for the conversion process (for anyone who might want to convert their own guitar, or especially for other luthiers who will want to convert): :available on https://docs.kiteguitar.com/s/conversion

This is a sample of the translations that have already been published (so others can simply read and play these songs without needing to know any theory whatsoever, etc).

Here is an article Aaron wrote about a microtonal keyboard:

Kite wrote a primer for microtonal music (an entire textbook)

Kite Guitar Translations by Kite Giedraitis

Kite Guitar Translations by Aaron Wolf

Kite Guitar Translations by Athan

Kite Guitar Translations by Richie Greene