Kite Guitar

For the past two centuries, Western music has mostly been using the same 12 notes. It’s a tuning system that works well but has a caveat: some notes are actually out of tune with natural harmonics, meaning they aren’t as consonant as they could be. The Kite Guitar is an alternative fretting invented in May of 2019 and is more in tune! The frets of the Kite Guitar use an expanded equal temperament with greater harmonic potential. Common chords sound smoother and more blended, while new intervals bring new expressive possibilities. It’s simple enough for beginners, and advanced musicians will find exciting uncharted territories.

We are currently working on the website but more information is currently hosted on the Xen Wiki page.

Left to right: Kite guitar fretboard without inlays (Pao Ferro aka Bolivian Rosewood)
and standard fretboard (rosewood)

As a Luthier, I currently have a backlog of guitars I’m converting to be Kite Guitars but feel free to reach out if you are interested: there is a small library of Kite Guitars available in the Portland (Oregon) area if you would like to try one out for yourself. Each fretboard is custom made using a lazercutter or a CNC depending on desired qualities