updates and current status

So I recently presented my glass_beatstation project at Open Eugene Festival https://eugtech.github.io/Open-Eugene/ .

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Video and more documentation to come, but the code is hosted on gitlab at https://gitlab.com/alignwaivers/glass_beatstation

My code is pretty convoluted atm and I’m currently working on refactoring, implementing asyncio, and in general learning about open source project management as I’m hoping to get more contributers as I develop my code. I got some really good feedback and insights from folks at OEF, so thanks to all the organizers, and my old friend Mark Davis in particular for inviting me.

Consider this post an open call to anyone who would like to help or support the glass_beatstation project in any way: that means hosting demos/concerts/installations, contributing code, promotions, advice on managing an open source project, etc.