Everyone deserves music and access to music technology at all levels: and not just technology that’s designed with planned obsolesence or intentionally limited flexibility (a common feature of proprietary hardware). There’s many good reasons I develop, contribute, and support Free / Libre / Open (F.L.O.) Technology. Check out my projects and contact me if you are interested in consultation or any of my other services as a Programmer, Teacher, Instrument builder and Interface Designer. Thanks for visiting.


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updates and current status

So I recently presented my glass_beatstation project at Open Eugene Festival https://eugtech.github.io/Open-Eugene/ . Video and more documentation to come, but the code is hosted on gitlab at https://gitlab.com/alignwaivers/glass_beatstation My code is pretty convoluted atm and I’m currently working on refactoring, implementing asyncio, and in general learning about open source project management as I’m hoping to …