Kite Guitar (Racc Grant additional information)

This is a free/libre/open source project which means anyone is allowed to do WHATEVER they want with the information we share, including content, fretboard/guitar design files, etc. Our goal is not to monetize this project but to freely share knowledge, education, and make music more accessible to everyone. It is easy to freely share code/software, video content, and documentation (which costs nothing to replicate if it is available online); but it costs a decent amount of money to make/convert kite guitars, which is why we would like to make a library that people can simply borrow from without having to commit to investing in the purchase of an entire guitar. We will also give priority to BIPOC, women, and other disenfranchised folks, as we acknowledge (as cis-gendered white males), that there is disproprotionate representation of people in music, and this is something we seek to balance. is our website (Timmy is running the website, and we wrote the HTML code to make it work) is our wiki page