New Year

The new year has begun and thus I will proclaim at least one of my resolutions:
(particularly in FOSS / Art / Tech) – This will mean appearances at everything from art exhibitions, dances, cyphers, installations etc. – and also hosting (and co-hosting) events. I may not like it but I’m definitely going to have to get more active on social media. And that means making some accounts and actually publicizing more of my work.

Thus far, I’ve attended a few events:
Both of these are at CTRL-H, a fantastic hackerspace in North Portland
Open Hack/Stitch Night

Mentorship Saturdays at Metal Toad

Been meeting some really phenomenal people, and expanding my network (as well as horizons, knowledge and skillsets). After all, being around like-minded people is quite inspiring.

Happy new year and here’s to 2019 being a productive one.

Events on the horizon for 2019:

Linux Audio Conference in March
Linuxfest NW (20th year anniversery) – I will be tabling some interactive loopstations demos with raspberry pi’s so come see me there if you are in in the PNW.

Also planning on being in Europe and doing a small circuit in starting in Germany/Greece, so if you or someone you know anyone in the area who would like to host an open-source linux music event, feel free to contact me.

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